Emerging Artists

alexandra catiere

Alexandra Catiere’s photographs echo those of Irving Penn. Her series, Behind the Glass, captures the emotions of bus riders in Minsk. Catiere prints her photographs in large format, 16 x 24 inches, which signifies the contemporary aspects of her work while her choice to print in black and white emphasizes the classic aspects of her work. Alexandra’s photography has been published in the New Yorker and has been chosen for the cover of the International Center of Photography’s upcoming catalog.

marisa baumgartner

Marisa Baumgartner’s photographs of landscapes and cityscapes demonstrate her skill in both straight and digitally altered photography. Her altered images create balanced positive and negative space in each photograph. Her work can be compared to Richard Galpin, John Baldesarri, and the minimal aspects of Agnes Martin. Marisa received her MFA from Yale University in 2006.

amy morken

Amy Morken’s works on paper feature a world lived in by half human half animal beings who socialize in nontraditional ways. Each work has a unique energy that exudes a playful tone, however, at a closer glance one comes across the controlled chaos in Morken’s fantasy land. Morken is a graduate of Skidmore College and has exhibited at Caren Golden Gallery, Claire Oliver Gallery and also Samson Projects. She has also been written about in the New York Times and Art in America.

Alexandra Catiere, Untitled, 2005 (Behind the Glass series)
Marisa Baumgartner, Kapuzinerberg, 2005
Amy Morken, You’re Embarrassing Me