Client Services

private sales

TFAA has access to many artworks available only on the private market. These artworks include works by Dana Schutz, Dzine, Barnaby Furnas, George Condo and Louise Bourgeois. Trent also works with a number of emerging artists not yet with New York representation. These artists are Marisa Baumgartner, Alexandra Catiere and Amy Morken.

create proposals for future purchases

A proposal gives a client a selection of works that fit the criteria (size, price, medium, etc.) he or she has set forth for a particular collection. A proposal also provides private collectors with a detailed look at available works by specific artists that will fit in with the goals of their collections.

gallery and museum tours

Part of purchasing art is learning about art. Many clients enjoy going to museums, galleries and auction houses, but, have questions about what they are seeing. TFAA provides the opportunity for clients to learn about challenging art as well as providing insight into the art market.

artist studio visits

TFAA sets up studio visits to many artist studios. Some of the scheduled studios for 2011 are Natalie Frank and Jacob Hashimoto. TFAA can also schedule visits for a number of artists based in Berlin and London.

advice on the art market

Understanding the art market can be tricky. Walk through’s of sales at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillip’s offer clients an understanding about the auction world. TFAA is also available at Art Fairs. We are present at art fairs in Miami, London, Basel, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as the Venice Biennale and Carnegie International.

organize installations and trucking

TFAA works with most experienced and economical installers and truckers. Every aspect of trucking and installing is arranged at our client’s convenience.

create proposals for future purchases

A proposal is a time efficient way for a corporation to select a large amount of art for their offices.

organize installations and trucking

TFAA works with the most experienced and economical truckers and installers at a client’s convenience.


Sinage is important for a corporate collection because it denotes all of the pertinent information about a specific piece of art. Specifically, it tells the artist, title, date, and medium.

collection management

Maintaining a large collection requires a updated database. This helps keep track of everything including where a piece of art hangs to where it was purchased and when. We also make sure that a corporation’s insurance is updated with all new purchases.

art briefs

A monthly art brief highlights outstanding exhibitions currently on view in New York City. Corporations can publish art briefs in their monthly newsletter.

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog, 2005