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Tom Sachs Studio Visit

It seems impossible to visit Tom Sachs’ studio without feeling completely inspired.  He has created a world of possibility where space stations can exist alongside Hello Kitty sculptures and paintings in ode to James Brown. The Space Program made its debut in 2007 at Gagosian, L.A. There, a large scale space station installation equipped with [...]
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Private Collectors and Museums

One of the biggest controversies in the art world right now is the role of the private collector in the non-profit museum. Skin Fruit, currently on view at the New Museum, is the collection of Dakis Joannou, a New Museum Trustee.  The New York Times brazenly questioned the New Museum’s ethics and then continued their rant [...]
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Table d’or

For years I have admired private collections that have included Yves Klein tables and have dreamed of placing one in a clients collection.  Probably the most well known is in the collection of Marianne Boesky who so generously allowed images from her home to be photographed for the New York Times Magazine in 2007. Here is [...]
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