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Art for a Cause

Thursday, 27 February from 6-8pm, Peter Freeman, Inc. opens a two-week benefit exhibition for the Shelter Foundation. Shelter raises awareness of the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, and supports organizations delivering aid and education to women forced into prostitution, mainly in the Balkans.  Created in 2001 in Basel, Switzerland, by Alexander and Silke von [...]
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The VIP Art Fair: Has Anyone Ever Heard of BETA?

January 22nd marked the first day of the VIP Art Fair.  What was supposed to be a momentous event in the art world turned into a frustrating delay of information, inability to log in, chat, browse or even look at art.  Here’s my view of what happened and how the VIP Art Fair can still [...]
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Food as Art

For most people the concept of food as art is foreign.  Most home cooks don’t think about the artistic attributes of their meal, however some meals can, like art, evoke a multitude of symbolism about how the plate relates to a significant event or moment in their lives.  I remember my first experience with food [...]
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The VIP Art Fair, 2011

Because there aren’t enough art fairs around the world, James Cohen has invented the ultimate art fair that you can visit from the comfort of your own home, the VIP Art Fair.  This virtual art fair, which stands for Viewing In Private,  is a cross between a video game and high-end art arcade.  Hopefully, today [...]
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