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Art 41 Basel (Part 3)

After the successful spring auctions in New York City which had outperformed most expectations and set new records for living and defunct artists alike, Art 41 Basel, which took place in Basel, Switzerland from June 14 to June 20, 2010, was highly anticipated. The true Art Basel begins in Zurich with the traditional Open House [...]
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Art Basel (Part 2)

The 41st Art Basel proved to be a success on many levels. Firstly, the quality of the art was fantastic. If I had funds in a Swiss bank account I needed to liquidate, I’d have plenty to choose from here. As a matter of fact, the quality was so good you had to remind yourself [...]
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Art Basel (Part 1)

This was my first Basel fair.  I arrived in the afternoon of June 16th, so I missed the opening night and most of the first day.  By that first afternoon, sales were already strong.  The general mood among sales staffs seemed relaxed, thanks to sales, but also relieved about the future.  Things were not back [...]
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Lately I’ve been obsessed with 1998. There was something going on in New York at that time. Deitch Projects was fresh and new. So was Chelsea. American Fine Arts. Alleged. The “old” New Museum. And tech companies were throwing money at the creative class. Everyone was freelance and everyone had at least one project on [...]
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2010 Turner Prize Preview

Unmade beds and dirt laundry, elephant dung, artists dressed in drag and streakers. These are just a few of the artworks, stunts and controversy that have surrounded Tate’s Turner Prize—the prestigious and controversial annual prize awarded to a contemporary artist the jury finds to be one of the most important British (born, living or working [...]
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